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Very Nice Family Day Picnic at Our Splash Park
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Picnic in the Park

Poinciana Park Celebrates with a Perfect Country Night

As neighbors and guests of neighbors arrived at the corner of Parker Ave. and Allendale Road around 5-ish on November 7, 2015, bales of hay, a “watering hole,” and a crooning country singer awaited them.  It was a balmy –make that hot – evening in what should have been a fall night, but, South Florida doesn’t always cooperate with the seasons.  “I swear I heard Patsy Cline when I walked up,” one neighbor remarked. He was referring to the evening’s first entertainer, Carmen Lowe, who sang from a flatbed trailer, adorned in front with hay bales.  “We got the hay bales free at the Green Market in downtown WPB last Saturday, Halloween,” Sonda Rocchio, said. “I was there bright and early, and the lady was gracious enough to let us have them after hours. We had an unloading session at the end of the day. It worked out great.”
     Our BBQ Sponsors
After delicious appetizers mounted on tables with painted signs to look like chuck wagon fare, and a little dancing as the sun went down, and just plain old enjoyment of the breeze that blew in from the ocean, participants were told it was time to move to the main event venue, Rojes and Maria Sanchez’s home on the corner of Parker Ave. and Ortega.

Arriving, neighbors and guests were treated to a sumptuous buffet of chicken, ribs, corn-off-the-cob, a tater station, corn fritters, and a beautiful table of desserts, including hay bale Rice Krispie treats with Twizzlers, and yummy peach cobbler. There was a jar of some pretty tasty moonshine with maraschino cherries, too.

And the entertainment provided by Charley Dean there was a mixture of eating, enjoying, and dancing music. Interspersed in the mix was the announcing of our sponsors’ donated prizes. Lorie Kelly’s niece Kiara, aged 10, and Mary Inglis made sure all the prizes got out.  And Janet Kinsella, who helped with getting sponsored donations, just smiled along with her husband, Barry.

“Good food, and a gift certificate from Publix. That’s a win! Maybe not Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood kind of win, but the best I can hope for. Thank you for inviting us,” Justin Houston said. “I’m from Tennessee, and this is a pretty welcoming crowd.”

People got their pictures taken under the “Wanted” sign which, of course, was portable. “We WANT people to have a good time, join the neighborhood association, and become an active part of our community,” Lorie Kelly said. “This is our big night to shine.”


 Poinciana Park is located in heart of the City of West Palm Beach, Florida-- just one mile from downtown, one mile from the ocean, and one mile from Palm Beach International Airport! Our neighborhood contains 260 homes and is bound by Belvedere Road to the North, Parker Avenue to the East, Hampton Road to the South and Interstate 95 to the West.
        Established in 2000, our Neighborhood Association includes residents from three historic neighborhoods: Mackle Park, Willa Park and Morningside Park. Seventy percent of our homes are homesteaded and the vast majority are over 50 years old, with several homes built in the 1920s. We offer a variety of architectural styles and a strong diversity of residents, with close proximity to a number of restaurants, retail shops, schools, places of worship, and public parks.
           We invite you to view our website and contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about our neighborhood and how to get involved.